YouTube for Marketing You Business

youtube video on iphone

Whether you’re a David or Goliath in business part of growing your business is going to be some kind of marketing. It can take many forms from print, TV, radio to search engine marketing or keeping active on social media. The point is you’re establishing a brand and increasing your visibility to your target audience.

Fledgling entrepreneurs may want to keep costs in check and don what they can themselves. If the option is free and powerful to boot, why not use it? Of course we’re speaking of video marketing and in particular harnessing some of the power of YouTube.

The reasons to create a YouTube account and channel are varied and each is good, but this Google-owned property can be a powerful arrow in your marketing quiver. For good or bad, people would rather watch a video than read an article. If you can got your point across visually, it’s worth so much more than the equivalent amount of information in a plain text article.

Creating a YouTube account and channel provides a source of authority for your website. As we said, this is a Google-owned property. Think about that. What weight do you think Google will give to those who are using its own services? With the opportunity to associate your website with your YouTube channel you’ve already given yourself (your website) a link from a site with just about the highest authority Google can bestow. Having a group of such links from high-authority sites can and will contribute to where your website shows up in Google’s search results. If for no other reason, you need to create an account on YouTube.

After that, take the time to verify your account (usually by sending a code to your phone number). Once verified you can take advantage of the extras YouTube allows verified accounts, like associating your website with your account.

Once done, start uploading your videos. You do have some, right?

They need not be works of art or high-production-value commercials like some of the big players post but even an iPhone video will work, just keep in mind the following.

On a technical level, sound quality is most important. Viewers will put up with lower quality video, but bad sound will send them running for the hills.

The content should be compelling. Don’t talk about how great you are and what you offer. It’s important to give the potential viewer a reason to watch. Hook them in the first few seconds with a problem or need the viewer had. Use the remainder of your video to tell the audience how you’ll solve that problem or address their need.

When uploading, choose a title and description that supports this. Your title should be succinct and include the “keywords” you think people are searching for. You’ll tell people how to save money or do something easier. Example title might be “Aching Back | Pain Relief in 5 Easy Steps” or “Increased Gas Mileage | Our Device Boosts it by 20%/“

Fro the most part, keep the videos short. Don’t be long-winded. Address the problem early then show how you solve it. And make good use of the description area YouTube provides. It’s a good place to link to your website, add additional information about your product or service and link to other social media sites you have as well as to other videos in your channel, thus creating your own network.

Embedding your videos increases their worth, too. Whether it’s on your own website or by sharing on other social media, bookmarking sites, adding to blog posts or elsewhere (there are many tips online on how to accomplish this), you’ll boost the power of your videos and increase the likelihood of someone viewing them.

If you have an active and informative YouTube channel, you will see an increase in visits and views as well as subscribers. By building each of these up, you’re building the authority of your channel and the end goal is to see some (or all) of your videos in the search engine results.

While not a guarantee, continually providing content to YouTube (i.e., Google) your chances of ranking one or more of these videos. Like anything that’s free, the only thing it will cost is time, but for those looking for a good bang for a tiny buck (actually nothing), YouTube is the way to go. If you can commit the time to creating a batch of even the simplest video series you’ll be well on your way to a solidified brand, greater authority, potential search